We are determined to become the leader of box transformer monitoring and protecting system in the new energy field and the supplier of providing outstanding system solutions (components) on transformers. Moreover, we committed to build Huafu Juneng as a well-known brand enterprise in the national electrical industry.

Quality Principle

Be honest, seeking for the truth and achieve to the excellence work

The high-tech automation products will improve the automation level and the reliability of electric power system,Our company implements the quality control by following the standards of ISO9001 strictly. “Three inspection processes” (self-inspection, cross inspection, professional inspection) was carried out since the raw materials come into the facility to the stages of production processes. To ensure the product quality, company stresses on prevention first and inspect the process on work process, and also pays high attention to the quality.

Advanced Technology

Technology leads the future! Green energy changes life!

Huafu Juneng owns the copyright of Independent intellectual property and run the business by keep conducting the R&D as well as transformation of technology achievements, gained general recognition and the national innovation funds several times.

Product Research and Development

Innovation is a faith

Independent R&D is the foundation of Huafu. Technology innovation and leadership are the core competitiveness of Huafu. At the present, the company has excellent and strong research team consisted of top class experts and talented engineers.

Service System

Begin with initiative, serve with sincerity and end with satisfaction

Companies adhering to the“Begin with initiative, serve with sincerity and end with satisfaction” Service principle,efforts to provide customers with a full range of pre-sale, sale, the after-sales service, Strive to make customers 100% satisfaction.

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Create a relaxing working environment “happily work, happy life”. Provide positive and optimistic environment fit for learning and innovation for staff.

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Professional solution Moving Forward

      The products cumulative sales are more than 20,000 sets by end of 2015. View details

      company achievements
      • 大唐濟南長清風電場測控改造工程






      • 內蒙古烏蘭察布商都風電場




        神華國能焦作電廠 2*660MW

        神華國能焦作電廠 2*660MW